Detail Accessories

We carry a large selection of accessories including chamois, clays, brushes, wool and foam buffing pads, buffers and orbitals, porter cable, microfibers, spray nozzles, wax applicators, bonnets, tire applicators, sprayers, steel wool, etc....
Backing Plate
Item#: D-022
7.5" Backing Plate for foam & cutting wool pads w/ velcro. It makes changing pads much more easier and a snap.
Bonnets - 8.5" Terry
Item#: D-020
Very fine quality suede MF bonnets for taking wax off.


Bonnets - 11" Terry
Item#: D-020A

Bug Sponges - Small
Item#: D-019
IA cellulose sponge encased in nylon mesh. When wet, it is used for cleaning windshields, chrome, and white walls. As the name implies, it is great for removong bug and bug residue from painted surfaces without damaging them. Size: 5.25"x4"x1"

Bug Sponges - Large
Item#: D-019A
Very fine quality bonnets for wax removal.